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Design & Organisation
The Industrial Engineering & Management School


Grenoble Institute of Technology
Design & Organisation

Introducing the Industrial Engineering and Management School at Grenoble Institute of Technology

Welcome to our school situated in the heart of Grenoble city centre

  • Our school celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010 and over the past two decades has firmly established a reputation for excellence.image
  • Its unique Industrial Engineering & Management courses at graduate and postgraduate levels are renowned in their domain.
  • We welcome foreign students from all over the world, about 20 different nationalities are present at our school.
  • We are partners with many foreign universities and schools and highly recommend international internships, exchanges and double degrees.
  • Our school's partnership with numerous well-known companies both in France and overseas also creates an excellent link with the working-world.
  • Industrialists actively participate in the school by helping develop courses, sharing expertise, offering internships and recruiting.image
  • Industrial placements are part of the curriculum and allow the students to have experience in various different sectors and companies.
  • Students have access to numerous high quality, modern resources and facilities including the library, laboratories and fully equipped IT rooms.
  • There are about 430 students in the school, 80 exchange students and 70 postgraduates.
  • Our school has over 40 research-lecturers who belong to various different laboratories.
  • 150 diplomas are awarded every year.

Written by Marie-Brigitte De Mathan

Date of update July 7, 2011

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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