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"Industrialists Club" (Le Club des industriels)

Updated on February 28, 2014
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This club was first set up in June 1992. The members of the Industrialists Club actively participate in the school by helping develop courses, sharing expertise in many areas including Industrial Engineering, offering some of the needed internships and employment. Industrial placements are an important part of our school's curriculum and allow our students to have experience in various different sectors and companies.

Members of the Industrialists Club
  • ZF is the mentor for the academic year 2012-2013.

BDBullBausch-LombSchneider Electric
ChorègeSiemensFM LogisticRenault-Trucks


  • The chairman is a member of the Industrialists Club.
  • Christine Brun (Schneider Electric) is the chairwoman of our School's Management Committee.
  • 8 members of the club sit on the School's Management Committee.
  • The Industrialists Club actively participates in the running and the development of Genie industriel.

The companies which are members of the Industrialists Club are committed to:

  1. being involved in the school's management
  2. participating in the school's jury for admitting students[legende-image]1301583363326[/legende-image]
  3. appointing a mentor for each 'Year Group'
  4. suggesting visits of companies, laboratories, factories and field studies for the students
  5. giving offers for internships and Final Projects
  6. sharing their expertise in lessons, conferences and specific meeting events
  7. helping the school financially, notably via the 'Apprenticeship Levy' (taxe d'apprentissage) which is paid by employers to finance apprenticeships

The Club's Charter

When signing the charter, the members of the club become committed to helping with the school's development on a long-term basis. Being open-minded, ambitious and up to date with the latest industrial innovations, the members are a great asset for students, researchers and professors. An excellent link is created between our school and the business world.

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Date of update February 28, 2014


Director of Génie industriel: Jeanne Duvallet Director's personal assistant: Adeline Burgain Tel: (+33) 4 76 57 46 31  

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Head of business relations department:
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Frédérique Chrétiennot
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