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Master of Industrial Engineering

The program is interdisciplinary

  • It covers research on product design, optimization and management of supply chains, design and management of production systems (mainly industrial), industrial innovation of Grenoble laboratories.
  • Technical, economic and social aspects of the industrial project are also taken into account.
  • This master trains students in advanced techniques designed for industrial performance improvement through 3 paths :
          Operations management
          Product Development
          Industrial Innovation

Research Project

A six to seven-month research project in a laboratory or company is part of the Master's degree and takes place between February and September. At the beginning of the Master's course (S5), the academic supervisors of the laboratories define the topics of research projects jointly with students. Subjects often concern both research and industry. Students take actively part in the companes' activities and collaborate with their employees.
Industrial Research Oriented Master Thesis 

The main advantages of this Master's Degree

  • Through research-based activities, graduates learn how to put their initial specialization into practice, allowing for the interdisciplinary and multi-career contexts of a company 
  • It allows graduates who wish to continue their studies to apply for a doctorate program.

This program is taught in French

Date of update July 1, 2021

French State controlled Master's degree

French State controlled Master's degree

Programme courses 2022-2023

Master 1
Semester 7
Semester 8

Master 2
Major in Sustainable Operational Management
Semester 9
Semester 10

Major in Sustainable Product Development
Semester 9
Semester 10


Master 1 (M1) - Year 1 Master 2 (M2) - Year 2
Operations Management Program Product Development Program Industrial Innovation Program


Head of Industrial Engineering Master
Jean-François BOUJUT
Tél. +33 (0)4 76 57 47 06

Administration and admission
Administration contact
Tél. +33 (0)4 76 57 47 18

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