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Une formation ambitieuse
Ecole de référence pour la formation d'ingénieurs en génie industriel
Une formation ambitieuse

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Master 2 Sustainable Industrial Engineering Major SOM 2022-2023 Semester 9

Mandatory Course


WGUS3032 UE Master Thesis Tutorial and intercultural communication (Industry oriented) 6.0 48.0
- Master thesis tutorial 3.0
- Intercultural communication 3.0

Major Sustainable Operation Management (choice of between 2 and 3 elements)


5GUC3800 Digital and durable industrialisation 6.0
5GUC1304 Lean Six Sigma 6.0
WGULOGI9 Transport Logistics and Operations Research (+10-15 ORCO) 6.0
5GUC1604 Purchasing Management 6.0
5GUC4202 Multi-criteria Decision Aiding and Artificial Intelligence 6.0
5GUC3500 Smart Analytics for Big Data 6.0
5GUC2804 Industrial Information Systems 6.0
5GUC2004 Tactical and Operational Supply Chain Management 6.0
5GUC4402 Advanced Life Cycle Assessment 6.0
5GUC4302 Circular EconomiX 6.0
5GUC4502 Environment Politics and Firm Strategies  6.0
WGU2STR7 Foresight and Strategy 6.0
5GUC1704 International Project Management 6.0
5GUC1904 Business Marketing 6.0

UE Transverse Offer (choice of between 1 and 2 elements)

5GUC3005 Additive Manufacturing 6.0
5GUC4702 Design for Additive Manufacturing 6.0
5GUC0904 iDesigner : Tackling Complexity by Integration 6.0
WGUKNOW9 Knowledge Integration and Collaboration in Design  6.0
5GUC1504 Innovation Management 6.0
5GUC4102 Methods and Tools of Personalized Products 6.0
5GUC3700 Operational Excellence in R&D 6.0
5GUC2504 Advanced Product Simulation Techniques 6.0
5GUC3319 Virtual Reality for Industry 4.0 6.0
5GUC1104 Product Industrialization: from Design to Manufacturing 6.0
WGUS3032 Master Thesis Tutorial and intercultural communication 6.0
WGURESE4 Research Design in Industrial Engineering 6.0

Date of update March 6, 2023

diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'Etat


Equipe académique
Directeur du Master
Jean-François Boujut

Directrice adjointe du Master
Maria Di Mascolo

Fabien Mangione
Helmi Ben-Rejeb

Annabel Jourdan
Maryline Mazzon Teppoz

Université Grenoble Alpes