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Une formation ambitieuse
Ecole de référence pour la formation d'ingénieurs en génie industriel
Une formation ambitieuse

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Prepare your stay

You have been admitted to the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree (1st or 2nd year). You will find below all practical information to prepare your stay.

Dates for the start of the 2023/2024 Academic year and information meetings: 

  • Master's in Sustainable Industrial Engineering, 1st Year: Monday September 4, 2023 - 10:30am
  • Master's in Sustainable Industrial Engineering and SUMA, 2nd Year: Tuesday September 12, 2023 - 9:00am
  • Master Gestion Industrielle Durable 1st year : Monday September 4, 2023 - 10:30am
  • Master Gestion Industrielle Durable 2nd  year : Tuesday September 12, 2023 - 10:00am
Late arrival deadline: September 22, 2023

Student Visa

To request a visa, you must contact the Center for Studying in France (CEF: Centres pour les études en France) through the Espace CampusFrance, if you live in a country where these Centers exist. If it is not the case, apply directly through the nearest French Consulate or Embassy in your country.

We highly recommend you to start the procedure as soon as possible.
More information


CVEC (Annual contribution to the Student’s life)
Do you have to pay the CVEC contribution? 

100€ must be paid online before your arrival in France via the link below:
Homepage - CVEC, Contribution de vie étudiante et de campus 


Master Sustainaible industrial Engineering:
  • Students from outside the EU: 5000€ 
  • UE students: 1473€

Master Gestion industrielle durable, francophone program, research orientation:
  • Students from outside the EU: 3770€
  • EU students : 243€

1st option: Payment on line if registration on line
2st option: Payment by bank transfer in one instalment before September 2023 (University Bank details to be asked by email): if face to face registration
3rd  option: Upon arrival in France, at the same time as your registration: Payment in one instalment (by bank check, credit card or bank transfer) or in 3 instalments (September, October, November) by credit card.



2 options:

1- Registration on line

You can register online starting August 2023 (Turorial in English to help you)
You need:
  • An international credit card
  • your login "identifiant" sent by email
  • your CVEC number

2- Face to face registration after your arrival in France.
Registration + payment in person at school (payment in one single or 3 instalments maximum)
Documents needed for your administrative registration, to be sent by email before August 19th:
  • CVEC certificate
  • Registration form (4 pages), duly completed and signed
After receiving the above documents, we will proceed with your pre-registration. 


Then, you will have to download the documents below (you can already prepare them) thanks to a link that will be sent to you later (after your arrival in France and your registration):
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate*
  • A certified copy of your diploma or a certificate of completion of your previous academic program*
  • A copy of your identity card or passport
  • 1 photo for your student card/1.8*2.2 cm – JPEG file
  • If you are receiving a scholarship, you must provide a corresponding certificate 
  • A copy of an English language certificate: minimum level B2

* An accredited translator must translate documents (in French or English)


You wish to be housed in a university residence for the beginning of the school year in September and you are less than 30 years old? :
An agreement between Grenoble INP-UGA and the Crous de Grenoble allows foreign students enrolled in initial training for at least one academic year to be eligible for housing in a student residence. The number of places is limited.
CROUS residence procedure

More information


French Language as a foreign langage (FLE)

An intensive week of French as a foreign language will be organized From 28/08/2023 to 01/09/2023.  (not mandatory).
This 20-hour course is divided into five 4-hour morning classes. The courses will take place in person.
Registration link

You will be required to take 2 hours of FLE classes per week from September 2023 (information and registration will be announced later). Grenoble INP school financially supports these classes.



1. Social security:

For European students:
You must hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which covers the whole academic year.

For non-European students:
After your administrative registration and when you are in France, you will have to register to the French Health Insurance (online process). This Health Insurance is free for all.

2. Complementary health coverage:

Social security covers basic costs; you can subscribe to a "complémentaire" (complementary insurance) for better coverage.
Moreover, this health insurance will only be activated once are registered. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance (from your country) at least for the first month of your studies to ensure that you are covered.


This compulsory insurance covers any damage or injury you may cause to others by accident. Civil liability insurance must be taken out in France after your registration. It must be taken out privately (either with a bank, a student insurance company, etc.)


ISSO - International Students and Scholars Office - General information for your arrival in France

The ISSO team is available to answer all your questions about accomodation, administrative procedures, etc.

From August 2023 and until September, ISSO offers you the opportunity to take part in its online info sessions: whether you are on the urge of departing to Grenoble, or have already arrived, you will find out everything you need to know about the essential steps that await you.

Do not hesitate to contact them.

Practical guide 2023/2024

Orientation Events for international students.

Contact with other students

Please note that each student must have their own laptop for teaching activities with a good Internet connection. 
Summer closure: from 27 July to 24 August 2023

Date of update July 21, 2023

diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'Etat

Programme pédagogique Master 2023-2024

Parcours Génie industriel durable (GID)
Master 1
Semestre 7 | Semestre 8
Master 2 - Option Gestion des opérations durable
Semestre 9 | Semestre 10
Master 2 - Option Développement de produits durable
Semestre 9 | Semestre 10
Parcours international Sustainable Industrial Engineering (SIE)
Master 1
Semestre 7 | Semestre 8
Master 2 - Option Sustainable Operation Management
Semestre 9 | Semestre 10
Master 2 - Option Sustainable Product Development
Semestre 9 | Semestre 10


Equipe académique
Directeur du Master
Jean-François Boujut

Directrice adjointe du Master
Maria Di Mascolo

Fabien Mangione
Helmi Ben-Rejeb

Annabel Jourdan
Maryline Mazzon Teppoz

Université Grenoble Alpes