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Capstone Internship at Foerster Instrument Inc., located in Pittsburgh

Cyril PISTONO GI07                                                                                 

Host Company: Foerster Instrument Incorporated

"Foerster Instrument Incorporated (FII), located in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania/USA), is the American subsidiary of the Institut Dr. Foerster, based in Germany. FII produces Non Destructive Testing (NDT) instruments. NDT consists in testing finished or semi finished products without altering their quality.

2 years ago, the engineering and marketing departments closed and these activities have been transferred to the mother company in Germany. My internship consisted in reviewing the marketing of the FII products which has been neglected for 2 years."

Cyril Pistono, GI 07

 Tutor's point of view :

"Cyril has performed at a very high level of work.  He has acquired a thorough knowledge of the Company and the products quickly which is an indication of his good work ethic and strong technical education.  He has done a thorough job investigating and evaluating the competition. The Company will benefit greatly from his study and evaluation of the competitor products and the development of quality brochures for the products which he has studied. Cyril has worked well independently and also worked within a group framework very effectively.  Cyril would be an asset to any company where he will work."

Matthew E. Davin, President - Foerster Instruments Inc.








 In charge of a whole project


"The first task I have been entrusted is to carry out a competitor study. As no comprehensive competitor study had ever been performed in the past, we didn't know what information I would be able to collect as well as the number of competitors I would find. I had to carry out the study and then to discuss with the employees to identify the relevant and useful information as well as the best way to structure the collected data. Finally, I had to train people about the use and maintenance of the database.

As the marketing activity wasn't really performed for 2 years, I had also to review and identify what improvements could be done. As part of my competitor study, I discovered that the FII literature wasn't up to date or even didn't exist. I had to look at what could be done and then to discuss with my tutor (the president of the company) if it was worthy or not to spend time establishing new sales brochures. Finally, I had been in charge of the sales brochures in whole, I had to define the graphic charter to have consistent brochures, refine and define specifications, take the pictures to be included in the brochures, learn how to use the specific software and finally I had to handle with the printing. And, during all this time, I had to discuss with my tutor, the production engineer, production manager as well as the quality manager or the FII product manager to have the different steps of my work validated.

This internship has been a wonderful experience because I had to be really independent insomuch as I have not been told what to do, I rather had to identify what should be done and then to discuss with the people to see if it was worthy or not to work on it. This internship also allowed me to discovered the American mentality (all the people working within Foerster are American and there is no French speaking person) and way of life. "

Cyril Pistono, GI07

Key Words

Marketing, competitor study, database implementation, establishment of sales brochures.

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