Génie industriel - Rubrique Entreprises - 2022

International Project Semester on responsible-design@Grenoble

What's responsible-design@Grenoble? responsible-design@Grenoble is a full project semester in which International student teams have to design innovative concept of responsible products to face challenge presented by industrial partners.
Future Engineering Designers face to challenge of considering lifelong impact of products and processes in their day to day practices. 

The aim of
responsible-design@grenoble Project semester is to propose innovation which includes social and environmental issues.
  • User centred design
  • Sustainable design
  • Inclusive design
  • Ethics & reponsibility


Teaching Staff :

The staff is composed of Permanent Researchers and Teachers of Génie industriel. Affiliated Consultants are also involved in the coaching of the project. Specific skills can be involved on request from other Institute of Technology Engineering Schools


Winning project: Project are suggested by industry partners and refined with the teaching team. Ideal projetcs meet these requirements:
  • Project of vital interest for the company
  • Not the 1st one in your strategic short list priority
  • The 4th or 5th one
  • Not on the critical production path
Out comes you can expect: Comprehensive final report that contains
  • Explorations of concepts and value
  • Knowledge identified and produce during the project
  • Models and drawings produced on the study
  • Requirements for future development
Company financial Commitment: The project fees remain set at 15 000€ for a 16 week project for a team of 4-5 students.
  • Fees cover cost and university infrastructure charge, teaching team time lab services, telecommunication services.
  • An Agreement is signed by the partners to manage IP issues.[titre;Companies : Propose us your challenge!]