Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

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Dr. Jean-Pierre Alix

Currently Research Engineer at CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France), where he held the position of CNRS SiS Program Chief from 2006 to 2011. During this period, he organised numerous SiS events, among them the Science in Society: Dialogues and Scientific Responsibility Conference during the EU's French Presidency in 2008.

After graduating in economics (from HEC School of Management, later from the University of Paris in economics), he joined CNRS to modernise its management processes during the 70s, due to a big growth in the 60s. He then became General Secretary of the interdisciplinary Program in Ocean Science for CNRS and Universities in the 80s, and was involved in international affairs for natural sciences during the period when oceanography was developed at a global scale.

During the 90s, he joined CNER, a national committee for the evaluation of science institutions. He then was a member of the team at the Ministry of Education and Research in 1995, and participated in the latter Innovation Law, and in University transformations.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Science and the Future of Human kind, a French review of the Non-Governmental Organisation M.U.R.S. («Mouvement universel de la responsabilité scientifique »).

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ESF Forum: Science in Society Relationships
Dr. Sonja Hermann

Dr Sonja Hermann joined the Neural Engineering Group in 2011 to research into Assistive Inclusive Design for the Elderly. Aiming to give more independence to the elderly at home/in care to an old age, Dr Hermann has developed a number of designs for assistive devices and systems that have direct clinical implication in ageing.

She recently collaborated in the creation of a new module for the students engineers at the University of Standford. Working in small design teams, the mechanical engineering students focused on solving universal difficulties experienced by people in the community related to their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Alain Fontaine

Director of "Fondation Nanosciences". Formerly employed at ESFR and laboratoire Louis Néel of which he was director from 2007 to 2010. He also was Vice Scientific Director of CNRS between 1996 and 2006. He also directed the C'Nano program for 4 years.

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Fondation Nanosciences

Gilles Grand

Coordinator of "Café Sciences et Citoyens" in the Grenoble urban area in which scientific matters are discussed with the public after a brief presentation. It allows the common citizen to better understand the debates and help ask the right questions about them.

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Café Sciences et Citoyens

Joshua D. Summers

Professor in Mechanical Engineering (design automation) and named College IDEaS Professor at Clemson University, co-directs the CEDAR Group (Clemson Engineering Design Applications and Research). Dr. Summers' areas of interest include collaborative design, knowledge management, and design enabler development with the overall objective of improving design through collaboration and computation.

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Clemson University
Claus Habfast

Claus Habfast joined ESRF in October 2007. He is the Head of the communication department. He manages all aspects of the communication of a world-leading research infrastructure: the ESRF hosts 6000 scientists per year for experiments with X-rays, resulting in 1800 peer-reviewed publications annually. The institute is funded by 19 countries.

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Grenoble² (blog)

Guillaume Thomann

Guillaume Thomann currently teaches mechanical engineering courses in the industrial engineering school - departement of Product Development.
He is in charge of the International Relation, especialy with Brazil in this engineering school.
He also is the responsable of the Handicap mission in the national institute of technology.
His reasearch areas are focused on research methodologies of user centered design products in the medical domain (surgery and disability).