Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Génie Industriel : from Norway

Going abroad was one of my objectives as an engineering student. I definitely wanted to discover another culture, a new way of studying and to confront my ideas in a far away place. I managed to secure an Erasmus exchange in Norway in the fall semester.
Norway is so exotic!

I visited a distant, cold, snowy, Scandinavian country boasting sea and lakes resorts with English speaking inhabitants.

Academically speaking, my classes at NTNU in Trondheim were indeed satisfactory. I took four courses in English: one on Industrial Strategy, one on Innovation Management, another on Project Organisation management and a last one on Quality Management and risk Management in projects. 15 hours of very appropriate classes that fully met my expectations.

My personal life was also greatly enriched by this grand experience. I discovered Scandinavia, especially Norway and enjoyed all aspects its culture: I loved Brunost and Leverpostei! For more information enlist for a Norwegian cuisine class… I especially appreciated the Norwegian calm and kindness. Of course an ERASMUS exchange always has a taste of “L'Auberge Espagnole” (also known as “Pot Luck” or “The Spanish Apartment”): you meet so many strangers of all nationalities (that you will probably never meet again!), you discover a new town, you find yourself with no clue as to administrative ways or social codes (at the beginning…) and discover a different academic system, even a new way of looking at education.

All this made me richer, more critical at times, but it also led me to have a more lenient approach of our school’s pedagogical approach and what it teaches. It is really interesting to go and test other countries ways and means on the subjects taught at home.

To sum it all up: a stay abroad is great! Go! Any place! Especially Norway!

So, not yet on your way?

Laurène Surbier