Génie industriel - Rubrique Ecole - 2022


Our School's Alumni Network:
AGI, "L'Amicale des diplômes de l'école Génie industriel"

The aim of this network is to bond solid relationships between the school, students, graduates and the business world. It is an essential part of our school and is conjointly managed by students and graduates. The network groups together over 1500 professionals in sectors such as Research & Development, Production, Quality, Marketing and Logistics.

One of the main objectives of this association is to help graduates find their first employment and to help alumni who wish to change jobs or progress in their career. Another important role of this network is to provide a directory (listing names and contact details of alumni) and other essential information such as:

  • job offers (around 30 job offers published each month);
  • details concerning the graduates and their career profiles.

Bringing alumni together

One of the most important characteristics at our school is the esprit de corps in each year group. Thanks to the relatively small size of our school and the regular group work for numerous projects, a real family feeling unifies the students. AGI endeavours to maintain this friendly atmosphere between alumni and creates opportunities for different year groups to have regular contact with each other.

With these intentions in mind, the AGI organises:

  • dinner - reunions in Paris and Hong Kong (for students and alumni);
  • quarterly newsletters detailing all recent school news, relating unusual alumni careers and circulating invitations to all special events such as the 'Annual Gala' and the 'Forum des Partenaires'; an event where members of the 'Industrialists Club' meet students from the third year and offer them internships in various different companies. 

Encouraging exchange of knowledge and know-how


AGI also organises many occasions in the school which bring together students and the industrial world. Thanks to its database, the association can choose a variety of professionals to come and give talks or play a part in a particular event. Each year about 130 graduates join the association; although the network is young, the members are especially unified and dynamic.

For more information in French, please visit our website:  AGI website

Grenoble INP - Alumni

Grenoble INP - Alumni is an association for Grenoble Institute of Technology's engineers, students and graduates and aims to provide networking opportunities and services. For more information in French, please visit the Grenoble INP - Alumni website