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Master in Industrial Engineering:
Gestion Industrielle Durable

Master in Industrial Engineering: Gestion Industrielle Durable program

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Environmental issues are forcing us to rethink our industrial approaches in order to limit the impact on future generations. The Master's in Industrial Engineering, Sustainable Industrial Management pathway aims to provide cutting-edge knowledge on the themes of industrial organisation, modelling and simulation of production systems by adopting an interdisciplinary approach combining human and social sciences and engineering.

This programme offers a choice of two options, one focusing on operations management and the other on product development.
This French-language pathway is designed to provide training in research with a view to a possible thesis.
The Master's thesis will therefore be carried out mainly in a laboratory, on industrial subjects, and most often in close collaboration with a company..

Jean-François Boujut,
Head of the Master's degree

*This master's degree is not open to professionals training (initial training only).

Master 1 GID:

M1 essai 5
Transforming industry to reduce the impact of its activity is of crucial importance to modern societies. Industrial engineering, as a branch of engineering, focuses on the design of efficient production systems. It is affected by the profound transformations and instabilities facing human societies today.
Through this programme, we aim to provide students with the tools to contribute to a more sustainable industry with a strong focus on managing the complexity of people-centred organisations.

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Master 2 GID :

Sustainable Operations Management Major (GOD)

The Sustainable Operations Management option gives students the tools to meet these challenges and provides a systemic and interdisciplinary understanding of the situation. Key topics include sustainable supply chain management, data analytics, operational excellence, socio-economic aspects of sustainability for Industry 4.0.

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Sustainable Products Development Major (SPD)

The sustainable development of industrial products course studies the key areas that will give students the tools to face these challenges and provide a systemic and interdisciplinary understanding of the situation. The main topics are sustainable design, data analysis, innovation, advanced manufacturing, socio-economic aspects of sustainability for Industry 4.0.

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International programs :

Grenoble INP - Industrial Engineering offers 5 specific programmes with partner institutions. Students accepted into these partner programmes are integrated into the SIE Master's programme. 
These programmes offer them the opportunity to study at partner universities, share courses with European institutions or win prizes for excellence.

EIT Manufacturing MasterSchool EIT RawMaterials

Zero Defect Manufacturing
for a Circular Economy

EIT Parcours ZD
EIT-M Master's Program

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Digital Manufacturing for Innovative Ecosystems

EIT-M Master's Program

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SUMA : European Master Program
on Sustainable Materials 

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Unite! University Graduate School

MAKES Master program

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FUTURPROD Master program

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Academic staff

Head of Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree
Jean-François Boujut

Deputy Head of Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree
Maria Di Mascolo

Admission Board
Helmi Ben-Rejeb
Fabien Mangione

Annabel Jourdan
Maryline Mazzon Teppoz