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Engineering Degree

The Engineering Degree (Master's level) is a three-year programme combining theory and practice: you get a thorough grounding in technology and management and the chance to put your ideas into effect in industry.

1st Year: Common Core Programme

2nd & 3rd Years: Students can choose from one of these areas of specialisation:

Year 1
Bachelor Level
Years 2 & 3
Master Level (M1 & M2)
S5 (autumn) S6 (spring) S7 (autumn) S8 (spring) S9 (autumn) S10 (spring)
Common core programme in Industrial Engineering Specialised programme in Supply Chain Management Final Project

Date of update July 2, 2021

French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree

French State controlled diploma conferring a Master's degree


Head of studies:
Thomas Reverdy

Registrar's office
Head of Registrar's office:
Admissions 1st Year: Valérie Demicheli
Admissions 2nd Year: Sylvie Malandrino
Masters' degree enquiries:
International Master
Maria Di Mascolo
Master taught in French
Jean-François Boujut
Secretary's office:
Annabel Jourdan
Tel: (+ 33) 4 76 57 47 18

International relations department:
Nadia Dehemchi

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