Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

Common Core Programme (First Year)

Introductory Seminar on Industrial Engineering
  • The aim of this seminar is for students to have a greater awareness of industrial problems.
  • They discover companies from organisational, social and technological points of view.
  • The seminar is organised by specialists in Economics, Management, industrial processes & products, fluxes and company sociology.
  • The seminar presents a specific industrial field.

Ground Courses: the Fundamental Techniques and Concepts of Industrial Engineering
  • Social & Human Sciences for Industrial Engineers.
  • Learning methods and techniques for Project Management including a major project.
  • The basis of  Industrial Management.
  • The design of mechanical systems (leading to specialisation in Product Design).
  • Optimisation tools, especially for operational research (leading to specialisation in Supply Chain Management).

  • 4 weeks on July or August.
  • Aim: for students to have their first experience in a real-world industrial production environment.
  • Follow up work :
 - In small teams, students produce an analysis of the organisational procedures and working conditions of the industry.
 - Ergonomists and industrial sociologists examine observations and remarks made by the students.