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How to come ?
As an Exchange student
  • If you are an undergraduate or a graduate (Bachelor's Degree level) in one of our partnership universities you can apply to Grenoble INP - Génie industriel, UGA for an exchange program. Your university will provide you with all the necessary application documents. More information
  • You can also apply for an exchange program via a project or an internship in a research laboratory. In this case you can contact the research laboratory directly. More information
As a Double Degree student

If you are studying for a degree in your university and also wish to obtain a French Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering (equivalent to a Master's Degree level), you can apply to Grenoble INP - Génie industriel, UGA by following the details of the agreements signed with our partnership universities. More information

As an Engineering Degree student

(outside exchange agreements) - If you have studied and validated at least 2 academic years in a foreign university or school you can apply to Génie industriel to study for the Engineering Degree. This degree is equivalent to a Master's Degree (M2) and can be obtained in either 2 or 3 years depending on your experience and undergraduate courses. Students holding a Bachelor's Degree are accepted at Master's Degree (M1) level. More information
As part of the International Semester Project 

"Responsible-Design@Grenoble" is an international semester project where future engineering designers face the challenge of considering the lifelong impact of products and processes in their day-to-day practices. More information

As a Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's Student

The Master SIE trains professionals in Sustainable Industrial Engineering, able to work collaboratively in a globalization context with societal constraints and environmental and economical impacts. More information

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