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The Industrial Engineering & Management School


Grenoble Institute of Technology
Design & Organisation
Design & Organisation

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About us

Welcome to The Industrial Engineering & Management School at Grenoble Institute of Technology.

Some facts and figures:

    • Situated in the heart of Grenoble city center
    • Our school celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010 and over the past two decades has firmly established a reputation for excellence.
    • Its unique Industrial Engineering & Management courses at graduate and postgraduate levels are renowned in their domain.
    • We welcome foreign students from all over the world, about 20 different nationalities are present at our school. Read more [legende-image]1301583363050[/legende-image]


About Grenoble



 Some facts and figures:
  • Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, situated at the foot of the French Alps located in the Rhône Alpes region and is the capital of the 'département de l'Isère'. The city is surrounded by mountains and has become known as the 'Capital of the Alps'.
  • Population of the city: about 157,000. Population of the Grenoble metropolitan area: about 530,000 inhabitants. The citizens of Grenoble are called 'Grenoblois'.
  • The city is a major scientific centre, especially in the fields of Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Read more

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