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Design & Organisation

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Génie industriel has always created many important, long-term links and partnerships with the business world, a great asset for the school's general development and its Engineering courses which include projects and internships in companies and laboratories, both in France and abroad. Read more


The Industrialists Club

Since the creation of our school, companies have always actively participated in developing courses, sharing expertise in many areas including Industrial Engineering, offering some of the needed internships and employment. Find out more
Les entreprises du Club des industriels de Grenoble INP - Génie industriel

Internships and projects

Internships and projects are an important part of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum, both in the Engineering Degree and the Master of Research Degree. Read more

Responsible-Design@Grenoble is an international semester project where future engineering designers face the challenge of considering the lifelong impact of products and processes in their day-to-day practices. This semester allows students to experience Responsible Design through an international innovative project in collaboration with industrialists and attend Business & Responsible Design lectures. Find out more

Date of update April 20, 2020

Business relations department

Head of business relations department:
  • Pierre Chevrier
  • Marie-Anne Le Dain
  • Lilia Gzara
  • Michel Tollenaere
Frédérique Chrétiennot
Tel:  (+33) 4 76 57 47 95
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