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Research in Génie industriel
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Design & Organisation

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Research in industrial engineering

The courses of the school integrate the more recent advanced work from our laboratories :

To innovate in products and services
To invent new industrial organizations
To provide sustainable development


Most of our professors are also researchers. Our main partner's laboratory is G-SCOP (Grenoble Sciences for Design Optimisation and Production).

G-SCOP is an interdisciplinary laboratory which seeks to find solutions to scientific challenges generated by mutations within the industrial world. The laboratory's research domain ranges from product design to production systems management by leaning upon sound skills in optimization.
More about G-SCOP lab

We also work with:
GAEL (Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory)
CERAG (Centre for Study and Applied Research in Management)
PACTE (Research Centre in Socio-Technical Innovation)


EMIRAcle is an association of 23 leading research laboratories in 14 different countries. Their common mission is to act as a collaboration partner for European Product Development Enterprises in Manufacturing and Innovation research.

The GOSPI Cluster
Regional network of Research: 
Un des 14 clusters de la région Rhône-Alpes porte sur la  "Gestion et Organisation des Systèmes de Production et Innovation"

Date of update March 18, 2021


G-SCOP lab director
Bernard Penz

GOSPI Manager
Daniel Brissaud

EMIRAcle Responsible
Serge Tichkiewitch
Université Grenoble Alpes