Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

Master's Degree in Engineering Grenoble INP - Génie industriel, Supply Chain Management (ICL)


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National Master of Engineering Degree
  • Degree awarded Master
  • Graduation year Bac + 5
  • Graduation level Level 7
  • Location
    • GRENOBLE Scientific Polygon
  • Duration 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Available as
    • Initial education
    • Continuing education


This programme trains engineers in the skills required to optimize all aspects of the supply chain, from a strategic point of view (selection of suppliers, opening/closing of worksites, creation of distribution networks, etc.) to an operational point of view (supply management, workplace management, inventory management, production, quality, information system management, etc.)


The specialization programme is divided into four semesters:

  • Semester 3 (S3) covers fundamental concepts of supply chain management.
  • Semester 4 (S4) focuses on a technical project supervised by teachers specialised both in Human Sciences and Engineering.
  • Semester 5 (S5) reinforces specific skills such as inter-firm cooperation, creativity and innovation, performance evaluation and scheduling of production systems.
  • Semester 6 (S6) is dedicated to the Final Project either in a laboratory or an industry.


  • Who should apply? Bac + 2, Bac + 3, Bac + 4
  • Tuition fees 535,50 € per year for initial degree programs
  • Available as :
    • Initial education
    • Continuing education

Entry requirements

To be admitted into Year 1 (at two years of post-secondary study), students must have completed two years of preparatory courses (science-track or Institute of Technology common preparatory program) or have earned an undergraduate degree from a university (in France, mainly DUT or L2).

To be admitted into Year 2: Bachelor of Science (2nd or 3rd year of studies) or international equivalent

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General information

International Relations Génie industriel: Nadia Dehemchi

Academic information

Iragaël Joly


  • Course duration 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Internships abroad


Semesters 5 and 6

Year 1 common core programme in Industrial Engineering

Semesters 7 to 9


Semester 10

Semester 10 is spent entirely on the Graduation Project and associated internship.

Board of examiners

Each semester is worth 30 ECTS credits, spread out over the different courses completed. Students must obtain a grade of at least 10/20 in each course to obtain the credits.


  • Language of instruction Mainly in French, some courses in semester 5 taught in English
  • Internship abroad Yes
  • Erasmus areas Business and technology management

International exchange

Students in this major benefit from many agreements between Grenoble Institute of Technology and partners around the globe in the form of exchange programs, dual-degree programs, internships, and more.
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Information on available scolarships

Are you a foreign student with a Master level qualification wanting to study at one of the six engineering Schools of the Grenoble Institute of Technology? You can find all the funding schemes available for you course in Grenoble on our website at Grenoble INP.


  • Graduation year Bac + 5
  • Graduation level Level 7

Further learning opportunities

Education through research

Year 3 students planning to go on to a PhD program can earn a dual degree with another Master’s program relevant to their first major within the Grenoble University system.