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Graduate School: FUTURPROD

Dedicated to high-potential students with an outstanding academic record, wishing to pursue a research oriented curriculum, Graduate School programs propose special courses and excellence grants. One of theses programs is available at Grenoble INP - Génie industriel, UGA.

FUTURPROD, for research that contributes to the transition of Sustainable Industrial Production Systems, in an open-minded multidisciplinary environment:

  • FUTURPROD ambitions to train a new generation of scientists capable of driving industrial production systems towards more sustainable ones, including human development and environmental concerns alongside digital opportunities.
  • FUTURPROD trains talents for the development of sustainable organizations and technologies in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences and Economics to address technological innovations and new materials, industrial engineering and new organizational methods, economic analyses, organizational changes and business transformation.

FUTURPROD program:

  •  Master courses , and (specific for Graduate school):
  • 2 internships in a laboratory
  • 1 summer school
  • A specific class per semester


International students can apply on a scholarship
This project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR-20-SFRI-0007) under the « Investissements d’avenir » program. 


Date of update May 6, 2022

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