Génie industriel - Rubrique Entreprises - 2022

Internships & projects

Internships and projects are an important part of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum, both in the Engineering Degree and the Master of Research Degree:
 Internship / Project  Year / Semester  Length of time  Period  Companies send offers as from
Operator Internship Bachelor 3 / Spring semester  4 weeks  February  November
Industrial Field Study Master 1 / Spring semester
(Supply Chain Management programme)
 13 days  February - March  December
Product Design Group Project Master 1 / Spring semester
(Product Design programme)
126 hours February - June December
Assistant Engineer Internship Summer internship
Between Master 1 & Master 2
(Supply Chain Management
& Product Design programmes)
3 months June - September March
'Gap Year' spent in a company Between Master 1 & Master 2  About 10 months From July to the following July  March
Final Project* Master 2 / Spring semester  5 months  February - July  November
Research Master's Degree Project 3rd Year / S6  6 to 7 months  February - September  September

* Some students do not carry out their Final Project & Assistant organiser internship according to the above timetable if they have spent time studying in foreign universities.

Companies can put job and internship offers directly on-line with the advantage of them appearing immediately.