Génie industriel - Rubrique Entreprises - 2022


Génie industriel has always created many important, long-term links and partnerships with the business world, a great asset for the school's general development and its Engineering courses which include projects and internships in companies and laboratories, both in France and abroad.
Our school has a partnership network of about 500 companies and an 'Industrialists Club' (Club des Industriels).

You can contact Génie industriel's Business Relations Department for:

  • further details on all the different partnership possibilities between companies and our school
  • information on other services we provide

The Business Relations Department notably deals with:

  • Forming partnerships between Génie industriel and companies or laboratories
  • Arranging meetings and contact possibilities between students, professors, researchers and businesses
  • Organising special events between companies and our school (e.g. visits of companies or laboratories, conferences given by engineers, seminars, talks given by guest-speakers, presentations during lessons, careers days etc...) For details of these special events, please read more
  • Coordinating industrial placements and all enquiries concerning these internships & projects which are a major part of the Engineering curriculum
  • Creating privileged partnerships with companies who wish to join the Industrialists Club' and actively participate in the school by helping develop courses, sharing expertise, offering internships and employment

Many other services exist between our school and partnership companies:

  • Research contracts: researchers and professors at our school are continually developing their research in Industrial Engineering. These research projects are often conducted with industrialist partners through specific contracts or thesis projects (CIFRE - Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la REcherche). The CIFRE is an agreement where companies are given grants if they supervise a doctoral student during his/her thesis. The following companies actively participate in this collaboration: EADS, ST Microelectronics, ESSILOR, PSA and Air France.
  • Evaluation or consulting assignments: from time to time researchers at Génie industriel can play a part in companies via specific evaluation or consulting assignments in their research domain. Two main areas of evaluation include: optimising development and innovation processes & optimising flows in a global supply chain 
  • Carrying out projects: Companies can have access to our school's GI-Nova Platform, a new platform for innovation, design & prototyping. Some of the physical prototyping tools include Rapid Prototyping and Machining. Companies can use these facilities to make their prototypes.
  • Life long learning and project development: businesses can also use the school's GI-Nova Platform for 'Life Long Learning' and 'Development Projects' within the company.