Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Student stories

They have come to Génie industriel

International students know that adapting to the ever-changing world of globalization is a must. Mobility has become a key element for a successful career. Our school is well known for its valuable training, its international culture and its welcoming atmosphere. It therefore attracts ambitious students wishing to understand the many transformations of the modern industry and services worldwide. We are well aware that they need to be catered for in a specific manner and do our best to make their stay a success.

They have been abroad

Most of our French students had no idea what immediate difference their choice of our school would make. Choosing Génie industriel means opening to the world, addressing scientific and management challenges by studying with foreign students at home or abroad and thus getting familiar with other methods and other cultures while gaining new invaluable competences. Two thirds of our French students study abroad, thereby adding the excellence of our partners’ courses to the high standards of our own curricula. They exemplify our vision of Industrial Engineering: it is in essence international.



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