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Design & Organisation

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Creating worldwide links... one of our priorities at Génie industriel.

For 20 years our school has been developing international relations and partnerships all over the world, both with universities and companies. Another of our priorities is to recommend and facilitate student mobility during and after their studies. Read more

An international student

Master SIE


The aim of the SIE Master trains professionals in sustainable industrial engineering who will work collaboratively in a globalization context with societal constraints and environmental and economical impacts.

Responsible design

February  2018 - June  2018 Responsible-design@Grenoble is a full semester project in which international student teams have to design innovative concepts of responsible products to respond to industrial challenges.

Come and study in France

Encouraging international students to study at Génie industriel is one of our priorities. Many possibilities exist: Exchange Programmes for courses, Exchange Programmes for projects and internships in research laboratories, Double Degree Programmes, Engineering Degree Courses and the International Semester Project. Students will certainly find a course adapted to their needs.

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Studying Abroad

Recommending our students to spend part of their studies abroad is one of our priorities. Many possibilities exist: Exchange Programmes, Double Degree Programmes and Master of Science Degree Programmes. It is also possible to do an internship or the Final Project of the Engineering Degree in a foreign country. Studying abroad is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Date of update April 14, 2020

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