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You can apply for a Doctorate in Industrial Engineering (Doctorat - Spécialité Génie industriel) if you have a Master's Degree (M2). This Doctorate is a Research Degree which officially lasts three years and includes an extensive thesis.
  • The programme is managed by the Doctoral College of Grenoble University (Ecole Doctorale Ingénierie - Matériaux Mécanique Energétique Environnement Procédés Production' (I-MEP2). For more information in French on this school: EDI-MEP2 websit.
  • The theses are financed by grants (funding from the French Ministry of Higher Education, regional grants or industrial contracts such as CIFRE ('Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche'). For more information in French on industrial contracts: ANRT website.

Postgraduate careers include: expert engineer in a particular field, work in industrial R&D departments, researcher or academic supervisor.

Date of update July 1, 2021

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