Génie industriel - Rubrique Entreprises - 2022

Apprenticeship Levy

In France, there is an 'Apprenticeship Levy' (taxe d'apprentissage) which is paid by employers to finance training and education. The 'Apprenticeship Levy' represents a true lever of investment for companies that are in partnership with education establishments. In choosing Génie industriel as a teaching and scientific asset, companies are participating in the support of the entire school's teaching and research establishment.

Supporting and encouraging education and training is a means of investing in the future:

  • Our engineering students are future employees or colleagues. By investing an 'Apprenticeship Levy' in our school, companies are guaranteeing their future success.
  • Such an investment is a great asset to our school, for example, we have been able to create a new platform for innovation, design & prototyping called GI-Nova Platform. A company's support is essential to the development of our school and enhances the value of our facilities and resources we offer to our future engineers.
  • Payment of the 'Apprenticeship Levy' is via a collecting body (OCTA - Organisme Collecteur de la Taxe d'Apprentissage) which provides companies with a receipt of payment. It must be specified to the collecting body that Génie industriel should be the recipient of the payment.