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Special Events with Companies

Les Lundis du Génie industriel

Throughout the year on Mondays, businesses can come and give presentations about their companies and the career opportunities they offer to Industrial Engineers (mainly for first year and third year students).

Partners Forum

It takes place on the first Friday of November. It is an event where members of the Industrialists Club' meet students from the third year and offer them internships for their Final Project in different companies or laboratories.

Careers Day

With the participation of alumni from Génie industriel; volunteers can give talks about their careers and the companies they work for to second year students before they choose their Assistant Engineer Internship.

Date of update November 25, 2011

Business relations department

Head of business relations department:
  • Pierre Chevrier
  • Marie-Anne Le Dain
  • Laurent Rannaz
  • Jean-François Boujut
Frédérique Chrétiennot
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