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Design & Organisation

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Academic calendar 2012-2013

International student welcome: 4th September 2012

1st year (S1/S2) 3rd university year

Start of academic year: 4th September 2012

Beginning of first semester courses (S1): 10th September 2012

Exams S1: middle of January 2013

Beginning of second semester courses (S2): 4th February 2013

Exams S2: end of June 2013

2nd year (S3/S4) 4th university year

Supply Chain Management Programme / Product Design Programme

Start of academic year: 10th September 2012

Beginning of third semester courses (S3): 10th September 2012

Beginning of fourth semester courses (S4): 4th February 2013

3rd year (S5/S6) 5th university year

Start of academic year: 24th September 2012

Beginning of fifth semester courses (S5): 24th September 2012

End of S5: 1rst February 2013

Final Project S6: 4th February 2013 to 30th June 2012

International Semester Project "Responsible-Design@Grenoble":

4th February 2013 to 7th June 2013

Autumn holidays: from 26th October 2012 (evening) to 5th November 2012 (morning)
Christmas holidays: from 21th December 2012 (evening) to 7th January 2013 (morning)
Winter holidays: from 22h February 2013 (evening) to 4th March 2013 (morning)
Spring holidays: from 19th April 2013 (evening) to 29th April 2013 (morning)

Bank holidays:
All Saints' Day: Tuesday 1st November 2012
Remembrance Day 1918: Sunday11th November 2012
Christmas Day: Tuesday 25th December 2012
New Year's Day: Tuesday 1st January 2013
Easter Monday: Monday 1rst April 2013
May Day / Labour Day: Wednesday 1st May 2013
Remembrance Day 1945: Wednesday 8th May 2013
Ascension Day: Thursday 9th May 2013
Pentecost Monday: Monday 20th May 2013

Date of update February 12, 2013

International relations department

Nadia Dehemchi
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