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As an Exchange Student

Any student from our school can go abroad as an exchange student in one of our image partnership universities.

The length of time can vary from 1 to 2 semesters and takes place during the second or third year (S7, S8, S9).

Here are some details:

  • You have to be enrolled at our school and pay you yearly inscription fees at Génie industriel. There will be no further fees at the foreign establishment.
  • The course programmes have to be accepted by Génie industriel.
  • You attend courses and take exams following the foreign establishment's regulations.
  • In Europe, all our partnership universities use ECTS credits and the ECTS grading scale.
  • On your return, your results will be checked and if satisfactory, they will be validated.

Les universités partenaires de l'INP Grenoble - Génie Industriel  :
Nos partenaires privilégiés :  le réseau CLUSTER
Nous avons signé des accords de collaboration avec de nombreux établissements, et nous participons à plusieurs réseaux ce qui permet des opportunités variées à nos étudiants.

Date of update September 25, 2018

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