Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Emre from Turkey

I am from Ankara in Central Anatolia where I have been studying at the Bilkent University. I regard my Erasmus programme at Génie industriel as the greatest opportunity in my life so far. It was a revelation...
Learning French, training in Industrial Engineering the French way and setting up a network of French and international students, this all sums up the success of my stay at Grenoble INP-Génie Industriel.
Grenoble’s setting is extraordinary and the town has a magical character. It is dynamic, young and ideal for students. Its average size makes it easy to discover if you only stay for a semester.

While in Grenoble I had the opportunity to make the most of an Erasmus exchange’s advantages. I discovered France and Grenoble INP’s very effective education system as well as its personnel, its culture, its classes and … its events and parties! And of course I discovered the Alps and skiing.

In an international atmosphere, among many students from all over the world, I really appreciated life at Génie Industriel. It functions as a whole, a cluster of forces attached to the school like both Génie Industriel and Grenoble INP’s International departments. I wish to thank them for all that was done to facilitate my adaptation and my stay. In a nutshell, I can say that for the international student looking for one of the best schools Industrial engineering, Grenoble INP-Génie Industriel is without mistake among the best choices!

Tank you Génie Industriel!

Emre Cift