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For an Internship or Final Project

For an Internship or Final Project

All the internships and projects which are part of the Engineering Degree can be carried out abroad either in a company or in a university.

Here are some details:

  • The Industrialists Club or the Alumni network can help you get contacts abroad.
  • The subject has to be defined and accepted by the Business Relations Office according to the same procedures as if you were carrying out the project or internship in France (grading conditions will also be the same as in France).
  • The final piece of written work can be in French, in English or in the language of the welcoming country. If this report is not in French, at least a 10-page summary of the piece of work must be written in French.
  • The oral presentation of the report is compulsory and takes place at Génie industriel as soon as possible after the end of the internship.

Date of update August 29, 2011

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