Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Génie industriel : three Italians in Grenoble

We came from the Politecnico di Torino, specializing in Industrial Engineering (Ing. Gestionale) and joined the Grenoble INP-Génie industriel school to take master’s classes. Our programme was validated by the Politecnico as part of our Master in Industrial Engineering.

What struck us in the school, one of the six Grenoble INP “grandes écoles”, is its decidedly different approach, namely its study style. The studies are much more practical and concrete in comparison with what we had been used to. There are many oral presentations and the workshops have helped us to understand the application of the theories studied in classes. We were under the impression that the theories were studied in less detail but certainly for a good reason.

As to the services offered by the Department of International Affairs to students, the international ones especially we were surprised to see how available the Bureau International was and the extent of the help we could get from it. We took advantage of exact, very useful information and advice. We would like to thank Ms Nadia Dehemchi, who always answered our numerous questions accurately and readily and helped us from the start with our Learning Agreement.

Our integration with the French students was excellent thanks to the activity of the various student organisations and boards who organised welcome evenings, ”soirées internationales” “soirée raclette” … and helped us to become familiar with many aspects of French culture. In conclusion our global impression can only be very positive, not only as regards Génie Industriel and Grenoble INP with the services offered, but also about Grenoble which offers many opportunities for fun, culture and sport, especially in winter with the ski resorts nearby.

Matteo Cocciardo
Gabriele Meriggio
Stefano Musiari