Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Rosalia from Portugal

I came from IST-Lisboa and chose Grenoble INP-Génie Industriel for my Erasmus programme because I knew I would not regret my choice...

Grenoble INP is different from other universities I know. It enforces an original and pragmatic teaching method which includes experience in firms.
At Génie industriel I was lucky enough to study Supply Chain Management.
This helped me to apprehend industrial projects management and to understand the global setting of firms by learning where to find and how to decide about the central points in the development and manufacturing of a product.

As to life in Grenoble... it has nice surprises in store! It can cater for all tastes. Culture, sports and events are omnipresent and I was given a very warm welcome. Grenoble is a dynamic city in which student life has a great role. It is a cosmopolitan town where it is easy to study and live not far away from the stations ski resorts. The landscapes are superb, especially in winter when the snow covers the surrounding peaks. There is no way you can get bored in a city with so many associations, clubs and the like. International students can find whatever activity they fancy in groups gathering all nationalities. It is so nice to make friends from all over the world!

Thank you Génie industriel! Thank you Grenoble!