Génie industriel - Rubrique Vie étudiante - 2022

Junior Consultancy

IMAGINE conseil : quand formation rime avec professionnalisation

The Junior Consultancy is completely independent and managed by students from Génie industriel. Our main aim is for students to put their knowledge into practice by working on a variety of projects in companies or laboratories. We go and find different work possibilities in companies and laboratories and then offer them to students at Genie industriel. We help create and coordinate links between students from our school and the business world.

Here are some of the advantages for companies who benefit from:

  • the high quality skills of our students
  • lower costs than if companies used other consulting firms
  • partnership with a well known school
  • the possibility of hiring future employees

Here are some of the advantages for students:

  • developing work experience in the business world
  • putting into practice skills acquired in courses
  • receiving a salary
  • carrying out projects and internships to complete studies successfully
  • creating a list of contacts for the future

Becoming a member of an association like ours will give a plus to your CV. Not only will you have frequent contact with companies and laboratories but you will create a very useful network for your future.

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