Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

Assistant Engineer Internship

  • It takes place at the end of the second year (S4) and lasts 3 months. This internship follows the students' previous experience in either the Industrial Field Study or the Product Design Group Project.
  • The knowledge and skills that the students have acquired during their Engineering programme is put into practice in this internship and the students gain experience in the industrial world.

Main Objectives

For companies:

  • allow an engineering student to join a team and to work on resolving a specific problem in the domain of Industrial Engineering
  • help the student develop his/her personal and professional qualities throughout the internship

For students:

  • successfully join a team project
  • participate in a project and develop one of its particular aspects

For the school:

  • be aware of current issues in Industrial Engineering and their development
  • take into account Industrial Engineering developments and update training programmes where necessary
  • evaluate how well the engineering student applies his knowledge in a real-life situation in order to help them make progress