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Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's Degree

Welcome to the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree Program!

 The environmental challenges require us to rethink our industrial approaches to limiting the impact on future generations. The Sustainable Industrial Engineering master's degree aims to provide cutting-edge knowledge on the themes of industrial organization, modeling and simulation of production systems by adopting an interdisciplinary approach combining social sciences and engineering.

We offer a major oriented towards operation management and a major oriented towards product development. It is also possible to choose between a research orientation aiming at preparing a doctorate or an industrial orientation allowing access to industry at the end of the master.
Jean-François Boujut
Head of Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree,

Proposition 1 temporaire jusqu'en octobre 2021


A partir d'octobre 2021 : (1 seul rectangle pour "apply Now" est à privilégier pour 1 lecture sur téléphone portable)

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Date of update May 17, 2021

French State controlled Master's degree

diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'Etat

Academic staff

Head of Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree
Jean-François Boujut

Deputy Head of Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's degree
Maria Di Mascolo

Admission Board
Fabien Mangione
Frédéric Vignat

Annabel Jourdan
Tél. +33 4 76 57 47 18

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