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Information Systems Management - WGUS2044

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 18.0
    • Tutorials : -
    • Laboratory works : 36.0
    • Projects : -
    • Internship : -
    • Written tests : -
    ECTS : 3.0
  • Officials : Michel TOLLENAERE


  • To be able to analyse, improve and design an industrial information system.
  • To provide best practices in specification, modelling and realisation of any piece of information system by means of UML standards.
  • To provide a viewpoint on modelling techniques, on some available Information Technologies aiming to share information in a concurrent engineering process.
  • The application project is executed by building an MS Access database.


  • Introduction to Modelling techniques (IDEF, UML..) at conceptual level : static and dynamic viewpoints.
  • Implementation techniques and models : Html, Access, SQL, Oracle, XML.
  • Relational Databases : main concepts, attributes, entities, tables, constraints, requests. SQL language.
  • UML as a standard for the design of information systems : Object Oriented paradigm, classes, objects, association, inheritance, statecharts, sequence diagrams.
  • Project management in the domain of information technology : how to drive changes within an organisation. Classes : 24h
  • Simple business case : information management in a library Information System for Plant Management Product Data Management (using software and development of some additional features). Project : 16h tutored + 32h of personal workload
  • A case study is completed by group of 2 students : detailed spécifications, implementation of the UML model, tables, requests, tests, using MS Access database. The delivrable of the project consists in :
    1. the spécification documentation (UML, classes, dynamics),
    2. the users' documentation,
    3. the MS-ACCESS executable database including data set.


  • Bachelor level in technology : mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation…
  • Excel practice


Project realisation and management (P) : information system project by means of Microsoft Access DBMS

E1 = Final written exam from 1st exam period
E2 = Written or oral exam from 2nd exam period

N1 = Final mark from 1st exam period
N2 = Final mark from 2nd exam period

N1 = 0,5*P + 0,5*E1
N2 = E2

The exam is given in english only FR


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Master 1 GI SIE program - Semester 7 (this course is given in english only EN)
see the course schedule for 2022-2023

Additional Information

Course ID : WGUS2044
Course language(s): FR

You can find this course among all other courses.


In the referenced web site

Software tools manuals or Internet collaborative websites (
The Unified Modelling Language Reference Manual, J. Rumbaugh
CAD CAM, principles, Ch. McMahon, J. Browne.
Numerous WEB sites dedicated to the topics

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Date of update June 6, 2014

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