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International Project Management - 5GUC1704

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 27.0
    • Tutorials : 27.0
    • Laboratory works : -
    • Projects : -
    • Internship : -
    • Written tests : -
    ECTS : 6.0
  • Officials : Andreas RIEL


• Identify and bring together the successful elements of a project
• Industrial projects in an international context
• Economic and financial evaluation methods (profitability calculations) used in the analysis of projects
• Basics in estimating and controlling the costs of a project
• Risk management in projects
• Pass the "Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)" certification from the "Project Management Institute (PMI)"


Identify and bring together the successful elements of a project

• Project concept, project phases, phasing, basic choices, typology of project studies, typology of partnerships, investment optimisation
• Risk analysis, project audit, successful elements of a project

International industrial projects
(A.Pattou - 6 hours)
• Invest abroad, the main stages of a project
• Assignment and activities of Engineering companies
• Consultations and invitations to tender, responses to invitations to tender
• Role of business managers, organising public/private funding
• Financing international projects and risk coverage

• Practise profitability calculations (flow analysis and setting up time lines, relevance of profitability, implementation)
• Sensitivity analysis and preliminary risk analysis
• Performance evaluation and strategic project analysis

Organisation, Human Resources and Communication
(Based on chapters 9 and 10 of "PMBoK": Project Management Body of Knowledge)
• Different roles of PM based organisation (functional, matrix, project)
• Identification and role of 'stakeholders'
• Processes and tools: roles and responsibilities (RACI), acquisition, development, management (conflict management)...
• Communication project
• Focus on international projects and multicultural teams, remote management, etc... (using situations that I have encountered: Africa, Middle East)
• Assessment: Multiple Choice Questions 'MCQ' on PMP

Risk management in Projects
(Tollenaere M., G.D'Hahan - 9 hours)
• Identifying and describing risks
• Assessing and prioritising risks
• Dealing with risks
• Monitoring and controlling risks
• Capitalising and informing about risks

Risk Management
•Theoretical part: identifying, analysing (quantitative/qualitative), control and response... (excluding the section on Costs
• Case Study: Group-based work on one of my current projects (e.g. setting up a Repair/Service Centre in the Middle East). Objective: carry out a complete analysis of the project's risks using the PMP approach)


• Project Management course (equivalent to Bachelor's Degree level)
• Use of a Project Management software tools (MS project or PSN8)
• Experience in carrying out a team-based technical project


Individual work: 25 hours

1st exam period: Exam based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and problems to solve (50%) / Write up a pre-feasibility report and estimation exercises (D) (50%).

2nd exam period (resits): oral exam

E1 = 1st exam period: final written exam
E2 = 2nd exam period (resits): oral or written exam

N1 = final mark from the 1st exam period
N2 = final mark from the 2nd exam period

N1 = moyenne (E1, D)


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Engineer student Master SCM - Semester 9
  • Curriculum - Master GI SIE program - Semester 9
  • Curriculum - Engineer IPID apprentice program - Semester 9
  • Curriculum - Engineer student Master PD - Semester 9
see the course schedule for 2021-2022

Additional Information

Course ID : 5GUC1704
Course language(s): FR

You can find this course among all other courses.


Ouvrages sur la gestion de projets publiés, avec le concours de l'AFITEP, dans la collection Afnor-Gestion (dont : AFITEP, Dictionnaire du management de projet, 4è édition, 2000 - AFITEP, Le management de projet : principes et pratique, 2è édition 1998 - AFITEP, Estimation des coûts d'un projet industriel, 1995)
PMBok, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®Guide 5th edition, 2013),
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Claude RIVELINE, Evaluation des coûts, Mines de Paris, 2005

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Date of update June 6, 2014

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