Génie industriel - Rubrique Master - 2022

Testimonial of Alima

Before applying to the Master’s in Sustainable Industrial Engineering at Grenoble INP - Génie Industriel, Alima Ahmed had already worked as Research and Development Engineer, and as Merchandising Manager at a supplier of Decathlon Bangladesh. Alima graduated in 2020 and she is now working as Logistics Manager in a marketplace called Singulart in Paris, France.
Please, introduce yourself.
My name is Alima Ahmed, I am from Bangladesh.

What is your current profession?
I am working as a Logistics manager in a marketplace called Singulart in Paris, France.

Could you explain your job responsibilities?
As logistics manager, the core responsibilities include:
Planning and strategically implementing shipping/tracking of goods and coordinating their full order cycle;
Negotiating and maintaining relationships with 3PLs;
Managing projects for claims as part of cost optimization with a Lean Logistics approach;
Analyzing data to find opportunities for claims regarding overcharge due to weight variations, damage/lost packages, delay in delivery, customs surcharge etc.

What is your professional background?
My professional background is in the Supply Chain and Logistics in the luxury industry.
What was your background before entering the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s?
I had my Bachelor’s Degree in Leather Products Engineering, which is a branch of Industrial Engineering but specialized in leather products industries. After graduation I worked as a Research and Development Engineer with a German-Bangladeshi joint venture leather company called Picard, and later worked as Merchandising Manager at Zeil's Shop Limited, which was a supplier of Decathlon Bangladesh.

Why did you choose the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s specifically and how did you hear about it?
I specifically chose this Master’s for its course content which seemed ideal to develop my future career and it actually has! I found it by searching through English Master’s courses in France and it came out among the top few suggestions.

In your opinion, what are the main strengths of the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s program?
The main strength of this Master’s program is the projects in different courses and their practical implementation. Even theory-based subjects involved an excellent partial project which showed how the theory works in real life.

What was the most challenging course or project you had at Génie Industriel? Why?
The most challenging course/project was the Plateau Project because I had a background in Supply Chain and Logistics and for this project, knowledge of design was a must. So at the beginning, I was struggling even with basic design tools. On top of that, another goal of the course was to fit in with French and other international students and learn to work in a team with diversity. The course was for one whole year, and the first couple of months were very challenging. With time, I started gaining confidence and took up the challenge. At the end of the year I could design my own parts with the design tool, and also had a very good team presentation. So the project taught me that with proper effort, I can do any project even if it is not within my skill set and that diverse team members are the best for knowledge sharing.

What skills have you developed?
The courses of this Master’s are very well planned with lots of practical projects and the tools/technology required for the projects are up to date. They helped me get an idea of how industries work in Europe, what type of tools they use etc. So when I started my job, the new tools or techniques seemed quite familiar to me.

What do you think about the way of life in Grenoble and its area?
I loved living in Grenoble, as a student city it's perfect. Also, I think UGA is one of the very few universities in France which has a high number of international students. So it makes Grenoble more charming and joyful with non-stop activities and the breathtaking view of Alps adds the extra topping on it.

Do you have an anecdote about your experience of studying here?
I actually have many anecdotes! Studying on this Master’s course has been one of the best things in my life!
I had a gap of 5 years in my studies due to my job just after the Bachelor’s Degree. So when I started the Master’s, catching up with studies seemed very difficult to me. My confidence level was almost 0. Also, I had heard from previous students that passing in all subjects or getting a grade above 10 is very difficult at UGA. Among all the courses, Economics was the one everyone was scared of. We had heard that 50 percent students could not pass this course at the first attempt. In fact, the course was very difficult, so everyone in our class started putting extra effort in, helping each other in group study, etc. When the first result came out with a very low pass rate, the nightmare came true. I was so scared even to check my name on the list, but somehow I got the courage and asked professor. To my utter surprise, the professor said I had got 16.5, which was one of the highest grades, and I could not believe it! This will always be my favorite story of the Master’s, as from this point I got my confidence back and never looked back!

What advice would you give to a student from your country who would like to come and study here?
The only advice I have for future students from my country is to take an optimistic view, to learn everything and enjoy the learning. The course is well structured with very skilled professors as mentors, so no one should miss the opportunity to obtain the knowledge these wise mentors are ready to share.

Alima Ahmed graduated in 2020.