Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

Teaching facilities

GI-NOVA Platform

The emergence of an important pole of skills in Industrial engineering around the school and the laboratories came along with the creation of a technological platform. GI-NOVA's in the center of the educational device of the school.

Managed by AIP-PRIMECA Dauphiné Savoie, GI-NOVA includes means shared by the school, the laboratory G-SCOP and the AIP-PRIMECA.

Dedicated to the whole process of creation of an offer product, it proposes a wide outfit of state-of-the-art tools allowing the passage of the idea the industrialization: tools supports in the innovation, the project management, collaborative engineering,  virtual reality, CAD-CAM, digital modelling technology, management of the technical data and the physical flows, the simulation of the systems of production, etc.

The AIP-PRIMECA DS (Inter-Establishment Workshop of Industrial Automation - Dauphiné-Savoie) coordinates on Grenoble the offer in the domains of the industrial automation and the systems of production.

Visit the website of GI-NOVA platform (in french)

IT rooms

The 8 open-access IT rooms are equipped with indispensable office software applications and printers, which can be used to process documents and other files one's may need for studies. These rooms also have Internet access.


A large choice of literature and documents, both multidisciplinary and fundamentally, are available to all students and teachers.