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Testimonial of Martin

Updated on June 15, 2021
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Please, introduce yourself
My name is Martin ZAFIROV and I come from a small Balkan country recently renamed to Republic of North Macedonia. After finishing high school in my hometown, I got accepted in France to a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering program in the city of Lyon and immediately upon finishing I enrolled to this master’s program.

What drove you to choose this Master and how did you hear about it?
As mechanical engineering did not suit me perfectly, I started looking for different directions and paths, and since I prefer English language, I stumbled onto this master’s program which met my criteria and fortunately I met theirs.

In your opinion what are the main strengths of the Génie industriel Master program?
I strongly stand behind the utility of internationality in the workplace as companies prefer and encourage diversity. Additionally,the future of industry is in its implementation ofsustainability forwhich this program offers the necessary knowledge to its students to be able to apply sustainable engineering in their careers.

What is the most challenging course or project you have had so far?
Most definitely the collaborative design project. Since it’s a group project, in my case of 6 members,and with a quite challenging topic. We worked on a real scenario for a real client with needs of a mechanical prosthetic finger. The technicalities of the project were demanding on their own, but on top of that the management of tasks and meetings gave me the opportunity to learn how to rely on and trust in the capabilities of the members of the team.

How will this master’s degree help you achieve your career goals?
For starters it will give me the required education and diploma in order to apply for upper-level positions. With the initiation in production and operations management with Lean Manufacturing methods accompanied with sustainability mind set I certainly hope it will guide me towards careers of so-called continuous improvement and management of processes in variety of industries and domains.

What do you think about the way of life in Grenoble and its area?
Seems very adapted for students, quite small but offers everything a student might need, from a range of student accommodation to cheap restauration in every corner.

What did you find the most striking since you started living here?
At the time of my studiesin Lyon I had thoughts that Paris was way too much, and Lyon was actually perfect for living, but since the moment I arrived in Grenoble, I started thinking that maybe even Lyon was too much, but hey that’s just me.

What advice would you give to a student from your country who would like to come and study here?
Well, it depends on their domain of studies, but I cannot stress enough the importance of the choice of domain. Whatever you choose, choose according to your abilities andinterests. In short terms, do your research and choose wisely!

Martin Zafiro, student in Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master, First Year, Grenoble INP - Génie industriel
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Date of update June 15, 2021

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