Génie industriel - Rubrique Master - 2022

Testimonial of Pranoti

As she was working as an Electrical Engineer, Pranoti Haribhau Zalte realized the importance of Industrialization in engineering and chose to apply to the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s at Grenoble INP - Génie industriel to boost her career. Pranoti is now working as Group Quality - Faurecia Core Procedure (FCP) Administrator at Faurecia Services Group Headquarters, located in Paris, France
Pranoti Please, introduce yourself.
My name is Pranoti Haribhau Zalte. I am 25 years old and I come from a small village called Wadali Najik, Maharashtra, India.

What is your current profession?
Currently, I am working as a Group Quality - Faurecia Core Procedure (FCP) Administrator at Faurecia Services Group Headquarters, located in Paris, France.

Could you explain your job responsibilities?
The Group Quality - Faurecia Core Procedure (FCP) Administrator is a key function of
Faurecia Management System Shared Services (FMSSS) with the all-time target of Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS), world class service and top performance. I am responsible for the timely, accurate management and maintenance of an effective and efficient IATF 16949 compliant Document Management Data base - FCP Share point or as part of an integrated Computer-Aided Quality assurance (CAQ) Management System. Other responsibilities are to ensure a functional database, including maintenance measures supported by Faurecia’s Group Information System (GIS) teams. Promotion of lean approaches to reduce the number of documents at Global level by conducting periodic reviews. As well as to provide help and guidance to maintain local Division and Plant documentation, respecting Faurecia’s Internal Documentation Standards.

What is your professional background?
I am a Sustainable Industrial Engineer and graduated from Grenoble INP - Génie Industriel. I did my internship as an Operational Quality Intern at Faurecia Service Group for a period of 6 months. Before joining my Master’s, I had one year of experience at Proto Electronics Engineering Services in India. I was working as an Electrical Engineer and was responsible for developing Electrical and Electronics projects. I also acquired knowledge of Project Management, 5S implementation and learnt to use various software programs, such as Arduino, Proteus, Visual Basics, Internet Of Things (IOT).

What was your background before doing the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s?
I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from MET’s Institute of Engineering (affiliated under Savitribai Phule Pune University). I graduated with First Class with Distinction.

Why did you choose the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s specifically, and how did you hear about it?
After working as an Electrical Engineer, I realized the importance of Industrialization (Lean manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality) in engineering. So I decided to purse Sustainable Industrial Engineering to boost my career.
I heard about this course from one of my friends who was doing his Master’s in Grenoble University.

In your opinion, what are the main strengths of the Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master’s program?
The multicultural environment is the major strength of the program. Various students from different countries are admitted and it consists of attractive courses like Quality and Process Development, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Sustainability in Industrial Engineering. The program thus allows you to pursue a specialized area of interest, knowledge and international experience. As a result, you can be confident about securing a job with your competencies and know-how.

What was the most challenging course or project you had at Génie Industriel?
The most challenging subject was Advanced Manufacturing. It was difficult for me to understand the basics of manufacturing as I was from Electrical Engineering and this was mainly based on Mechanics. At the end, I learnt the software skills like Esprit, Solid Works and other Manufacturing concepts.

How did this Master prepare you for your career?
Courses like Quality and Process Development and Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain gave a clear insight into industries and their problems. All the projects helped me gain practical knowledge and build a strong base for my professional career.
I would like to thank all my Professors who always supported and motivated me throughout my Master’s.

What do you think about the way of life in Grenoble and its area?
Grenoble is one of the most wonderful cities in France. It’s really beautiful, located in the Alpes region in the south-east of France. It’s a great place for winter sports and also for its museums, universities and research centers. It is really ideal for students as it is less expensive than other cities. To sum up, Grenoble is a city where you can enjoy the best student life.

What advice would you give to a student from your country who would like to come and study here?
Grenoble University is the place to get a complete package of knowledge, practical experience, advanced technologies, professional guidance and international exposure. Grenoble is the best place for students with minimum expenses.
The only advice I would give is to learn French, as it will be helpful for living in France, as well as for getting a job.

Pranoti Haribhau Zalte graduated in 2020.