Génie industriel - Rubrique International - 2022

Philippe from Karlsruhe

Philippe Matheis was a double-degree student and obtained an Engineering degree at Master’s level from KIT and Grenoble INP-Génie industriel. The two institutes have had a long-standing double degree agreement.

He was looking for a reference school in his favourite domain, Industrial Engineering. He said that in Génie industriel he found the school that would help him to make his French perfect and to top off his knowledge and competences while complying with his university’s requirements. Grenoble’s "Silicone Valley" also attracted him as well as its offer of culture and sports, its snowy peaks and the innumerable extra curricular activities of its 55 000 students.

Once in town, he immediately climbed the in-town mount, la Bastille to get a view of the Mont Blanc et of the 8 km of the longest avenue in Europe, l'avenue Libération/Jean Jaurès. After 4 days he had “taken la Bastille”, started a field study at Thomson observing and then trying to optimise processes and he had begun studying at the school. He then flew back to Karlsruhe for some exams owing to the two universities’ semesters overlapping and rushed back to Grenoble to go on with his rapid adaptation among his new friends at Génie industriel.

He was very warmly welcome, he said, and rated his integration as “perfect”, more than he had hoped for. “People care for us, they listen to us, give us all the needed information and all our questions are answered” Philippe declared. He thanked the president of the student Génie industriel Bureau International and the International Relations department of the school, noting how informal and how individualized the relationship was the administration.