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Zero-Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy Programme

The Zero-Defect (ZD) Manufacture for a Circular Economy programme is a Master of Science level programme within the EIT Manufacturing (EITM) Master School. This programme is a combination of studying manufacturing science including physics of equipment and processes, data analysis, including the methodology to use gained process data in the context of process quality, and process management including the flexibility enabled for smaller lot production. 


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Date of update February 8, 2023

French State controlled Master's degree

diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'Etat

Programme 2023-2024

Sustainable Industrial Engineering Master's Degree (SIE)
Master 1
Semester 7 | Semester 8
Master 2 - Major Sustainable Operation Management
Semestre 9 | Semestre 10
Master 2 - Major Sustainable Product Development
Semester 9 | Semester 10

How to apply
Programme open to holders of a university degree (180 ECTS credits in the European system),
with a Bachelor of Science level.

Applications 2022-23 
Deadline, 1 March 2022
Apply here:

Tuition Fees and Scholarships
Tuition fees for EU/EFTA citizens:
€ 8,000 per year
Tuition fees for Non-EU/EFTA citizens:
€ 15,000 per year


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