Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

Entrepreneurship Training - 4GUC10G7

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 16.5
    • Tutorials 16.5


    ECTS 3.0


The aim of this course which takes place in semester 5 (S5) is to learn about the business world and the corporate world and how they work. Students will acquire a good understanding of the business and corporate worlds by analysing their various functions and how they interact.

The teaching methods are 'active' (learning by doing) and are widely open to the business world. Students will have to meet a variety of people: experts, suppliers, competitors, customers etc... throughout the development of their projects (interviews, round table discussions, conferences, meetings with experts, forums, jury, competitive exams / competitions).

Students should develop an entrepreneurial spirit and team spirit throughout the course. Students must be able to convince both in written work and orally.

Contact Christian GUICHERD


Christian GUICHERD


The course is designed to meet the various issues related to the knowledge of the company and the business world. The following areas are studied:

• Project management
• Creativity
• Market study
• Strategy
• Marketing
• Industrial property
• Positioning
• Dimensioning
• Finance
• Legal elements


The project of creating a fictitious company must be realistic, credible and must fit the target market. It is therefore a fiction that must "stick" to reality. Sometimes a number of these projects result in actual business creations (eg. H3C Energies, Syride etc...)

Projects do not have to have to be technological. They must be economically viable, but not necessarily lucrative (ESS, associations, fair trade etc...).

Individual work: 50 hours


Basic knowledge in Management


  • 1st exam period: 1/3 continual assessment, 1/3 written business plan, 1/3 oral presentation.
  • 2nd exam period (resists): not possible

    N1 = note finale session 1


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Engineer student Master PD - Semester 4
  • Curriculum - Engineer student Master SCM - Semester 4
see the course schedule for 2017-2018

Additional Information

Curriculum->Engineer student Master PD->Semester 4
Curriculum->Engineer student Master SCM->Semester 4


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