Génie industriel - Rubrique Formation - 2022

International semester Project - Responsible-design@Grenobl - SRIDESIG

  • ECTS

    ECTS 27.0


This program is a complete semester that is not compatible with other classes.
Specific lectures are organised and skills and knowledge acquisition are evaluated through project deliverables and oral presentation.

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  • Project management:
    The project is organised as a stage gate process. The students have to use project management tools and techniques to manage their project. Special attention is paid to information management. The class is organised as a design review each week where students have to report to their supervisor
  • Business approach in design:
    The lectures concern needs analysis and marketing, Design to Cost, business model, intellectual property. Business analysis is a specific part or the final report and intermediary deliverables of the project have to be produced during the project.
  • Responsible Design:
    Eco-design, user-centred design, this course is organised through classes that introduce concepts and tools for responsible design that have to be used in the design project. Responsible design assessment of the product has to be produced as a deliverable of the project.
  • Design project:
    The international team of 4-5 students have to develop and prototype a product using the resources of the GI-NOVA Technical Platform (CAE, PDM, CAD (ProE, Catia), Rapide Prototyping, Machining, Project Management, Video Conferencing and Collaborative Engineering facilities.) The project also includes Business issues (Marketing, Finances Requirement Analysis etc...) and Responsible Design issues (Eco-Design, User-centred Design, Ethics, usability acceptability). The Project is proposed by a partner (industry, laboratory etc..) that participates in the Design Review and validates deliverables.
  • French as Foreign Language:
    Intensive course during one week and regular classes.



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