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Optional Semester Programme: MANINTEC (Management, Innovation, Technologies)

The MANINTEC optional semester programme takes place in the 5th semester (S5) of the Engineering Degree course. It includes courses on Management, Innovation and Technologies and allows students to work in small teams (of 4 to 8) and develop skills in both Engineering and Management in the domain of technology innovation.

This semester is managed by the Grenoble Institute of Technology's Business & Innovation Committee (Cellule Entreprise & Innovation) and is open to all students studying at the Grenoble Institute of Technology.

An active programme

The course is:

  • dynamic and practical combining periods of study alternated with work on real innovation projects
  • managed by business professionals and experts in technology, each team of students has a dedicated teacher to guide them throughout the programme
  • aimed at students getting a thorough grounding in the most pertinent principles and tools needed in the management of technology innovation
  • intended to make students aware of the problems which can arise in the management of technology innovation
  • a chance to put ideas and acquired knowledge into effect in an existent innovation project within a company or laboratory

There are two main assignments:

  • a technological assignment where students increase their knowledge on technological subjects (design, experimentation, prototypes)
  • a business assignment aimed at identifying opportunities and encouraging business development (analysing situations, finding opportunities, action plan)

Career possibilities

The specific management and technological skills acquired in the MANINTEC programme can lead students to developing their careers in big national or international companies who are in charge of technological and innovation policies.

Examples of future careers:

  • R&D engineer
  • Design and innovation engineer
  • Project innovation manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • Research analyst
  • Business manager
  • Key account manager
  • Business developer
  • Innovation manager


Academic staff
Head of studies: Pierre Lemaire
Head of 1st Year Program: Abdourahim Sylla
Head of Supply Chain Management Program: Iragael Joly
Head of Product design Program: Marie-Laure Perenon
Registrar's office
Head of Registrar's office: genie-industriel.scolarite@grenoble-inp.fr
Secretary's office 1st Year: Valérie Demicheli
Secretary's office 2nd Year: Sylvie Malandrino
Secretary's office 3rd Year: Vincente Odier
International relations department:
Nadia Dehemchi


Head of optional semester programme:
Maud Dampérat
at Grenoble Institute of Technology's Business & Innovation Committee
(Cellule Entreprise & Innovation)

Chantal Gallet